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Flooring Croydon Boself Builders

For Your Flooring In Croydon Choose Boself Builders

If you are looking for a flooring contractor in Croydon or the surrounding areas then Boself Builders are the right choice. We have many years of experience providing new floors for customers in the area and our workers are very skilled, polite and courteous. We take pride in all of our work and our happy customers keep coming back for more. So why should you choose Boself Builders for your next flooring Croydon job?

There Is A Lot Of Choice

We know that there are other flooring contractors out there and it is very tempting to choose the first one that you come across but this can be a bad idea. We are more than happy for you to compare our prices with others that have bid for your work. Our prices are very competitive but we cannot guarantee that we will be the cheapest. Taking the cheapest quote is something a lot of people do but this often ends in disaster. Planning a new floor takes time and skill and if the other people that come to assess your new flooring work are in and out in five minutes then be very suspicious of this!

You need to make sure that the price you are getting is all inclusive. For example will the contractor clean up after the new floor has been laid? We will. Another good idea is to ask for recommendations. This is no problem for us as we have satisfied customers who will be delighted to tell you about the work that we did for them.

Many people think that laying a new floor is easy but there are many issues that can confront the floor layer if the perfect job is to be achieved. Most floors are uneven and some are very uneven and there is a lot of preparation work that is required to produce a high quality job. Call us today on 0208 656 6994 or 0794 609 4670 for a free, no obligation quotation.

Here is a picture of a recent flooring job that we completed in Croydon:

flooring Croydon after

These are actual pictures and have not been taken from another site on the Internet.

Types Of Flooring

Boself Builders will undertake most flooring jobs and these will include hardwood flooring, underlay installation, bathroom flooring, laminate flooring, floor tiles, cork flooring and most types of wood floors. Just ask us and we will tell you if we can do the job or not. So if you are looking for a professional flooring job in the Croydon area call Boself Builders today on 0208 656 6994 or 0794 609 4670 and we will meet with you and assess the work and provide a free, no obligation quotation.

Whatever Your Flooring Requirements We Can Help

Boself Builders can undertake all flooring installation and repairs. We can repair existing floors and provide new florring installations if this is required. We can take care of all your flooring Croydon requirements and you will be suprised at the very reasonable cost.

Boself Builders Croydon

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